13 - 23 November

Free Entry

A donation can be made towards supporting those in need at Headway Gauteng.

In partnership with FulGaz we are hosting the virtual Tour of South Africa commencing on the 13th of November until the 23rd of November.

This virtual tour is an exciting set of five exotic rides through South Africa that will transport you instantly to the continent in what is one of the most picturesque series of rides on FulGaz.

All expertly filmed in beautiful 4K, there is a varied mix of terrains, scenery and technical sections to keep riders glued to their screens- and motivated!

All rides will be available in a single drop, and riders have 10 days to complete the challenge.

This event features FIVE great rides, three of which are yet to be released that will be available only to event entrants for early access.

Entries are Free, but riders are encouraged to make a donation to Headway Gauteng, the charity partner for the Virtual Tour of South Africa.

Everyone who enters the Tour will go in the draw to win an epic set of prizes.

HEADWAY GAUTENG Damian Wasowicz Interview

Headway Heroes was born in 2016 when Damian Wasowicz, a survivor of a traumatic brain injury, approached Headway Gauteng with an idea to raise funds for those less fortunate at Headway Gauteng. His story is one of determination, dedication, perseverance and loss, and the will to do what he can to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than him. Please see Damian’s story attached.

Every year, for the past 4 years, Damian has initiated fundraising through cycling the prestigious South African race, 947, which takes place in November every year. Due to the pandemic, this year was different, but this did not deter Damian. Damian partnered with a company called Virtual Insanity who have the rights to the FulGaz app in South Africa and the Headway Heroes are taking on a virtual challenge instead.

Headway Gauteng, started in 1995, is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to offering various support programmes to adult survivors of brain injury (BI) and their families. The vast majority of their injured members have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a result of a motor vehicle accident, sporting (cycling) accident or assault. Headway Gauteng also assists survivors of acquired brain injuries such as stroke. All of their members have led a full life up until the brain injury, which has caused permanent changes to physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural processes.

Many of their members cannot afford the costly therapy that comes with sustaining the trauma that they have experienced. Headway Gauteng is a unique organisation that provides a stigma free environment where persons with brain injury, as well their families, can gain access to therapy, acceptance, comfort and emotional security, in order to become confident and competent to the fullest extent of their abilities. The support of donors is paramount to achieving this. For more information about Headway Gauteng please visit

Damian recently did an interview on CliffCentral about Headway Heroes, you can view this interview on the following link  Damian’s segment begins at 21:32.

The needs of Headway Gauteng’s members with traumatic brain injury are enormous and they are the only organisation providing these specialised services. Headway Gauteng continues to assist approximately 500 families at varying levels at any given time. Approximately half of these families are serviced at the Hyde Park branch with the balance being serviced at our outreach branch in Soweto. They continue to experience an increasing number of enquiries as well as an increased number of referrals from all over Gauteng, as well as other parts of South Africa.

Headway’s mission:

  • To be a primary, accessible and committed resource for persons or families affected by brain injury
  • To eventually service all communities throughout South Africa
  • To maintain Governance that is respected, capable and transparent